"Disabled mum struggling to get to different health centres"

About: Bolton PCT Pikes Lane Centre

(as a relative),

My Mum has suffered with leg ulcers for approx 15 years and over the years they have had there up's and downs. She was having her legs dressed at Great Lever Health Centre which is just around the corner from her house, this was stopped and she was then told that she would have to go to Pikes Lane Health centre , after a period of time she was informed that a treatment room as being refurbished and that she would have to attend Hulton Lane health centre. Due to her legs becoming infected and painful she was then told that her legs would have to be dressed daily and that she would have to attend Pikes Lane, Hulton Lane and Waters Meeting (Astley Bridge)

My Mum is 55 years old and is registered disabled with Arthuritus and has to have Oxygen, and has difficulty in walking. She has informed the Nurses that she has difficulty in getting to the various Health centres and they have told her to get the day ambulances, which depending on which Nurse is doing the daily dressing wether or not they book the transport, on one occassion she was rang by the the day ambulance to say that they were unable to pick her up the next day due to the ambulances being used for 999 calls only. When we arrived at Waters Meeting there was a day ambulance ther epicking up a patient.

On several occassions times for appointments have been booked down incorrectly or not entered onto the system and the nurses have refused to dress my Mums leg, they change her care plan and change how they dress the legs causing this to make the legs very painful and causing the wounds to weep more than they already do, when my Mum tries to explain to the nurses what happens they still continue to do it their way.

Last week one nurse put a product called 'Viscopaste' directly onto the worst of her ulcers which is very raw and painful. She told the nurse that it was stinging when she had done it only to be told that it was the ulcer and not the product causing the pain. As the day progressed the pain became so severe that i removed the dressing to ease the pain, only for this product to be stuck to the ulcers and have to cause unnecessary pain and distress whilst having to do this.I had to call the out of hours Doctor for her to see if there was any other pain relief that she could take on top of her painkillers (Transdermal Patch & Co-Codamol) She has had to stop taking her Co-Codamol and take Morphine and Paracetamol on top of her Transdermal Patch. My Mum is also Diabetic and Astmatic.

She does have a mobility scooter that allows her to get to places that are close to home but due to a fault on the scooter it breaks down often, and because of the snow she has had to miss some appointments. when she has called Hulton Lane she has been told by the peolpe the anwsered the telephone that they do no work with the nurses and are unable to pass on a message. She has also told the nurses that she has difficulty in attending due to the bad weather and the booking of the day ambulances, Only to be told that sheis not entitled to home visits and has to find alternative transport because she can walk to her garden gate! I think this is ridiculous, she does have difficulty in walking to the garden gate which I think they are well aware of.

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