"my medical roundabout."

About: Royal Blackburn Hospital / Neurology

(as the patient),

my story pretty much starts when I was taken by mother to our local GP, I was 14, my mother being a nurse described details of a seizure I had the previous night, my GP told her I had epilepsy and prescribe 2 different drugs, basically my hopes of ever achieving my dream of becoming a nurse flew out of the window when he announced his diagnosis. it wasn’t until I hit my late 20's I started to question my GP. I was still having seizures, still on the same drugs, same dose but after reading about epilepsy the symptoms were different, my GP referred me to the neurology department and the tests began.

The consultant was convinced I had epilepsy. x amount of tests later he finally said the spasms in my foot and the loss of feeling in my right side didn’t show epilepsy. I am now 50 years old; I still have the seizures, totally loss of feeling in my right side after a seizure. I have learnt my right foot is deformed, but wasn’t told anything in in-depth. My consultant did send me letter though after yet another test proved there was no link between my right foot spasms and epilepsy. He did mention he could offer no explanation though either and he looks forward to my next appointment, the roundabout journey continues....

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