"Amazing care!"

About: Chesterfield Royal Hospital / Maternity care

I was rushed into hospital in severe pain, I'm 25 weeks pregnant to. The staff were very helpful, getting me into the hospital and to the correct ward, Staff that wasn't just a nurse or doctor, cleaning staff, cooking staff, staff going home all helped in however way they could.

I got taken to birthing ward and all staff was immediate, calming, helpful and didn't mess around with the care they were giving me. I had correct pain relief regarding my situation and they took me to any scan possibly needed asap. They kept me up to date with everything they were doing as much as they could with the medication I had. As soon as they knew roughly what was wrong they took me too trinity ward where I was looked after brilliantly. I have been to hospital before at another hospital and the care was basic and made me feel like I shouldn't of been there. At Chesterfield there was nothing I could ask for that they didn't either help me with or try to help with. They was very supportive and listened to me. I was very happy at Chesterfield and the care they gave me and I am looking forward to giving birth and bringing my 2nd child into the world here. I know the staff are brilliant and will feel a lot more relaxed coming here.

The staff in the emergency rush, day and night care in this area need to know how well they did and how happy I am with them.

Story from NHS Choices

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