"The difference between adhdale and the elmdale!"

I was admitted to ashdale was in march 2016 following a discharge from a private eating disorder inpatient facility,when admitted I was very suididal,paranoid and was self harming daily. I wad kept on the ward 4 days before been transferred to the priory cheadle royal PICU due to my age (I was only 17.) I was treated with dignity and repeat even whilst been on level 3 eyedsight observations.

I was then re admitted following my decline after my discharge from the priory cheadle royal. I was admitted under section 2 but was later forced into general hospital due to my declining physical health as I hadn't managed any nutrition due to my anorexia in 24 days. Here I was placed on a level (24hr supervision) and the staff were fantastic from the nurses, day staff and night staff.

Later the decision was mad to transfer me back to the dales but due to the single sex rule I was to be moved to Elmdale, here I was instantly taken off my level, allowed everything in my room and received very little support. I stopped eating, began purging and lost around 7kg in the month I was there, all which went unnoticed. I wasn't supported at meal times, I was handed sharps, self harming which wasn't properly attended to and resulted in infection and neglect. Thankfully I was transferred Novenber 2016 to a private unit and I cannot be More great full. Ashdale you are fantastic. Elmdale you need to sort your act out.

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Response from Customer Services Manager, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Thank you for your feedback and I'm sorry that your experience of Elmdale Ward was not positive. If you would like to discuss your concerns further with customer services please contact us on 0800 587 2108 or customer.servicesswyt@nhs.net. Thank you for your wonderful comments regarding Ashdale Ward. We will ensure that this is share with the team.

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