"Avoid at all costs"

Absolutely appalling service. Attended the walk in clinic on Monday 12/09, was told on arrival there was an hour wait, so took my seat and waited. It got to one and a half hours so I went to enquire about the wait, the receptionist said it was busy so would be more like 3 hours. this was frustrating but I appreciated the honesty and it was obvious the waiting area was busy, it was standing room only. Unfortunately this was the last time I was treated with any kind of decency or respect by the staff at the walk in. 3 hours came and went, again, I enquired about my position as it was obvious some later arrivals had been seen before me, "You're 6th in the queue" I was told. Again, this was annoying but at least I knew where I stood. This turned out to be a blatant lie as another hour went past and when I enquired about my place I was told I wasn't on the list as I had left!! I had been sat on the same seat for 4 hours! The receptionist then told me I would be seen next, as they were obviously aware I had been there the longest. A total of about 10 people were seen before I enquired again, the wait was now up to 5 hours. "You're next" was the response again, another 5 people went through so I gave up and went home without receiving any treatment. I appreciate walk in services can have a long wait, I went prepared for a 2-3 hour wait, but to be continually overlooked and lied to is a disgrace, a very unpleasant experience, it was like I was totally invisible. If thinking about attending this walk in centre think again, there are much better ones about. I have used the Tooting St Georges one a couple of times before and it is 10000x better than this one.

Story from NHS Choices

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