"Terrible gynaecological experience"

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(as the patient),

I had an absolutely terrible time with this hospital and particularly this department. I was referred to QMC by my doctor early last year due to menstrual pain. I was given an ultra sound and it was discovered that I had a cyst on my ovary which did not go. I was booked in for a Laparoscopy in September 2009 to have it removed and also to check for Endometriosis, which it was suspected may be causing my pain.

After the surgery I was in quite a lot of pain, however was assured this was normal. I was told the cyst was gone, there was no endometriosis and everything had gone smoothly. The lower half of my body and my 'privates' turned a dark red/black colour like there was blood under my skin. I told the nurses and my surgeon, who told me they'd not seen it before. I was given just an ice back to ease it. I was sent on my way a few days later despite insisting I was in terrible pain. The pain got progressively worse and around a week after the Op I ended up at A&E in agony. I couldn't move.

A&E staff were absolutely brilliant, however they could only refer me to the same ward I'd come from. Once back on that ward I feel like I was left in a terrible state. One night I screamed and Sobbed for 4 hours before the nurses finally fetched the doctor to come and see to me. I begged them for pain relief and they said to me to be quiet as I was upsetting the other patients. After a terrible few days of feeling like I was being neglected by one particular nurse I discharged myself. I ended up back at A&E less than a week later. A&E gave me ultrasounds and found I had lots of pockets of blood and pus throughout my abdomen and diaphragm - I was referred straight back to Gynaecology. This time I think I had a much better nurse who made a dramatic difference to my experience.

It was eventually established that I had bled internally, had a severe internal infection and also, the endometriosis I was told I didn’t have - I do! I am still unable to go to the toilet properly, and slightly incontinent, and am in constant pain that I feel is much worse since having the surgery (prior to this, the pain was only during menstruation). I am still being treated there despite requesting a transfer on several occasions, which I feel has been simply ignored. It now seems I will need corrective surgery, and throughout all this, the only explanation I have as to what is going on is or what is actually still wrong is the doctors saying to me, "It's just one of those things" and "You might have IBS".

I didn't realise I could contract IBS from surgery as it seems to me this is what they are suggesting. I have had no apology and regarding all the problems in my treatment I was told, "Well you signed the consent form so there's nothing you can do." This may be the case, but it does not mean I'm not going to try. I am now seeking legal advice regarding this hospital and this department. The only good thing I have to say about my experience is the catering staff are lovely and I came across one nurse on the ward who I found to be very caring and nice. The rest of the nurses that I came across I felt were acceptable at best. There were three in particular that I met who I thought were disgraceful. One of these people I would like to be investigated as she wrote down that she had given me medication which I believe she hadn't.

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