"Where do we go from here?"

About: North Manchester General Hospital / Accident and emergency Prestwich Walk-in Centre

(as a relative),

Having just returned home again from the A&E Dept and having seen 3doctors all of whom gave a different diagnosis today. Firstly my daughter broke her left ankle November last year and underwent an operation where pins and a metal plate were put in place to mend the break however after many months of pain and intense physio my daughter noticed "something" wasn't right with her ankle and decided to go back to her consultant who decided the plate should be removed, my daughter also has severe back pain and a varicose vein running through her right knee which has been giving her a "strange" pain.

My daughter underwent surgery 2days ago to remove the plate from her left ankle leaving her on crutches and unable to walk once again.

Today my daughter has woken up with an unbearable painful right knee unable to get an appointment with our G.P she went to our local walk in centre who advised her to go straight to the a+e department as she thought it could be a clot on the knee, on arrival she was booked in and seen by triage who told her the wait would be 3 and a half hours my daughter then asked what would happen if she left the department and it was a blood clot the nurse said she could die, having 3 young boys to look after etc she made arrangements for them to be picked up by a family member and waited in a+e for 3 hours before being moved from pillar to post, cubicle to cubicle, having no battery on her mobile phone she couldn’t get in touch with anyone. 3 different nurses/doctors came in and out and ran a blood test. my daughter has just arrived home now she has spent approx 10 and a half hours in a+e she has had no further appointment no medication and an unclear diagnosis??? 1 doc said painful joints the other a blood clot and another strain from being on her crutches....... she is 24years old has a normal bmi isn't overweight is fit and healthy otherwise and we have a family history of blood clots, basically I feel she was dumped in cubicles and left there to feel like an inconvenience and worried sick.

i am quite disgusted as no proper tests were carried out and haven't a clue what were supposed to do or further more what is up with her knee...... i will hold the trust fully responsible if in the near future my daughters knee problem turns out to be something sinister

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