"7 years of illness on thyroid medication"

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(as the patient),

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid seven years ago. From a borderline reading that a specialist told me would not have been treated but kept an eye on . I had no symptoms and was perfectly happy.

Since being given thyroxine I turned into a complete and utter wreck . Severe pain stiff joints. Headaches. Sinus problems , shaking dizziness . Sleeplessness. Unable to exercise. palpitations.

My complaints about why I was now suffering what I saw as under active thyroid symptoms from being treated were now being laughed at by my gp practice as my thyroid readings were perfect now. Any question of this not being the case as my health was so poor were met with disbelief.

I began to wonder if anyone would ever give me my life back, especially as I never complained of any problems. The gp still has no idea what I went through.

The stress of not knowing why. How to get back to normal. Years of life wasted . Time off work sick . Where I could have lost my job .

Finally last year I decided I had enough as ended up I a state. I came off the thyroxine and took my chances without. After initial shakiness and stress I felt a lot better. I made a complaint about my gp and my treatment.

Refused to have anymore medication. Even so I realised that this was probably not a good idea . I asked the surgery to refer me to an endocrinologist as I had had enough.

I expected to be laughed at again but the endo said that more than likely my problems were due to the pills not suiting and gave me a prescription of thyronine to try. With a assurance that should it make me feel ill I could stop it at anytime. See how it went. He said that the t3 part was missing from thyroxine and it didn’t suit everyone. And it cost more but I was a special case so it was ok.

I have tried this since dec and though not perfect yet as my levels were so high. It is a lot better. I am hoping this will be the remedy and i can get my life back.

Having had no symptoms of illness until treated I am angry at the way my gp treated me. They did not seem to know much about the effects of thyroxine on patients .

As for withdrawing the treatment and giving thyroxine again? I think that would be a mistake so many people have had to try to get their health back like I have. Feeling alone not knowing who to turn to for help. Thank god I never gave up. Like some may I wanted my health back I am not sure I will ever take it for granted again. I hope no one ever has to go through what I have. It’s been the worst episode of my life.

I am sure the people who are the same know what I am talking about. You have to suffer it to know.

Thyroid patients need all treating differently. Medications do not suit everyone.

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