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Me and my daughter went to urgent care as she was spiking on her temperature and complains abdo pain, headache and dizziness. The doctor just give ibufrofen and took a urine sample. And we've been sent home. I was worried as the whole day she was spiking even I give her paracetamol and ibufrofen. Went to a@e and the staff there are really accommodating . As we have been referred to ward 4 the long wait had begun. The doctor was nice and said that they will keep us there to be monitored. And when another patient came we've been told to vacate the bed as someone needs it more than we do. Thats what the hca told me. That's really annoying as my daughter was poorly and just been settled in bed. Me and my daughter ended up to the chair at the waiting area where she couldn't get to rest for awhile. I just came out for nightshift and haven't had any sleep. I feel like we've been push to the corner. Been discharged around 2ish as they said the temp gone down and they couldn't see anything wrong. Went home and still my daughter temperature didn't been resolved. Foned the ward in the morning and the doctor rang me back that it's only viral and I should give prn of paracetamol and ibuprofen. Until now my daughter temperature still on off.

I too work in the hospital and I give my best to look after the patient. But I'm really disappointed as they way the system work.

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