"My daughter has had severe abdominal pain and..."

About: East Surrey Hospital

My daughter has had severe abdominal pain and was admitted on a Thursday with a suspected appendicitis. I was told she would need an op to remove it in the morning. In the morning, the surgeon thought it might not her appendix, we'd wait and see! She was on and off Nil by mouth. Blood tests and 1 ultrasound later... Nothing! My daughter was still having abdominal pain on and off, and was just given pain relief. The nurses even implied that my daughter might be faking it. They didn't check on her for hours sometimes... And I had to go and ask for information rather than being told what's happening. On the Saturday, she was again on Nil by mouth from 8 am until 21.30 pm and only when I complained and asked what's happening, did the surgeon pop in to tell us it would not be happening because of another emergency case. He said it wasn't as safe to operate at night, and it would be better to operate in the morning with a fresh pair of eyes. (not very reassuring!) I hope I never need surgery there at night, I told him. And all that time my daughter again had nothing to eat or drink. For approx 13 hours. My husband said he wanted to take her home if they are not going to do anything and take her to another hospital. So listening to the surgeon and desperate for answers and wanting to end our daughters pain, she had a laparoscopy on Sunday morning. It found nothing. She was discharged at night, with advice to just give pain relive. Monday afternoon, she got so bad again that I took her to GPs and a urine sample, which showed traces of blood and white blood cells- she had an infection! Her pain got even worse so that I took her to Worthing A&E and they confirmed she has an UTI and all she needed was antibiotics. I am outraged that my poor daughter has had to endure so much pain for so long and has had laparoscopy when all she needed was antibiotics! I am really thinking about taking this further! I will never take my child or go there myself ever again! It's a disgrace!

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