"Poor treatment from a nurse"

About: North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust Stockton-on-Tees Teaching PCT University Hospital Of North Tees

(as the patient),

I was admitted into hospital with an allergic reaction by a doctor who had administered adrenaline and various other medications. By the time I had got to the hospital I was able to breath and was feeling fine. A nurse came over to me and said that I was going to end up getting an ASBO and was wasting £500 of the NHS money phoning for ambulances. Upset, frustrated and angry I told the consultant who came to see me and I felt he did not seem too happy about this.

Then a few days later I was admitted by ambulance again due to an asthma attack. My oxygen was dropping and heart rate was rising. The same nurse was on duty that day and I heard her say that I was only attention seeking and I needed to be sent to the waiting room. I sat there for about 3 minutes, everyone looking at me and concerned about me, even staff behind the desk. I was then seen by the doctor and given medication and sent to be admitted, whilst I was still not well. I then went up to the ward and as I have been in a number of times with asthma (I have chronic brittle asthma which is hard to control) staff on the ward were concerned with this. I then ended up in intensive care.

Why I was left so long to get the help I needed was beside me. I can safely say that I am not amused and feel that I am unable to go to hospital now when I have difficulty breathing. I have been told this is dangerous and I could end in a bad way if I do not get the help that I need.

Having been in a very serious condition 4 times and admitted into hospital wards a few times, I feel that the treatment I received from one nurse has potentially put me in danger as I fear phoning for ambulances now. I also feel that I was judged for having depression as the same nurse said to me why don’t you try talking to someone instead of wasting time; if only I could then my life would be much easier. I don’t feel this was fair, just because I find it difficult to manage asthma and end up in hospital a lot, my depression does not mean that I am attention seeking.

What gives her the right to judge me and make me feel this way? I think it is her job to care for me the patient not judge.

I think I am owed an apology and I would like to see something done as it is only this one nurse, the rest of staff are great and helped me a lot.

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