"Gynecology ward B7"

About: Royal Gwent Hospital / Gynaecology Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

(as the patient),

After giving birth to my son I suffered with a prolapse.. Just after he was born. Got appointment pretty much straight away. Great.. My consultant said his waiting list was about 6 months. Even better. Well 6 months came but no letter. Waited a while still no letter. 1 year later still no letter. I called and called but no one could give me a date. Then in November 2015 I had a letter to go in for my Pre op assessment. Fantastic. At last. So I was going to have the surgery to fix my prolapse.

Was called a day earlier to say there was a bed ready for me if I could come in a day earlier as if you come in on the scheduled date my bed will be gone. So of course I went in. Day of my op went Fantastic. Seen my surgeon he ran though everything with me.

Then it went down hill. The day after my op the nurses on B7 took my catheter out in the morning Took me to see if I can go to toilet on my own. I tried for hours but couldnt go. Told the nurses it was starting to hurt now. All she kept saying it will come. By then I was in so much pain they had to put the catheter back in.. So the next day they tried again. By the afternoon my catheter was out and I went to the toilet I was so pleased. 2 small wee and doctor gave me the all clear to go home. Fab, I was over the moon.

Got home and my children was so happy I was home. Shortly after I was released the problem started again. Took meds that they gave me and went to sleep for a while. Woke up needing the toilet but once again I couldnt go. 1 hr trying to go for a wee but couldnt. I was in so much pain I was screaming it hurt that much. My family were crying cos I was in pain. So hubby called 999. But couldnt send one out as it was a life or death situation. But could send out an emergency ambulance can take up to 4 hrs to show up. But it came. They rushed me in but the there was no beds back on B7 Gynecology ward. As I was in a room with 3 elderly ladies with no related problems for gyno..

Had to lie on the ambulance trolley. So now after my op im fitted with a catheter again for 1 weeks.

I felt that the system in gwent hospital and the treatment I recieved was disgraceful. Not happy one bit. Fell down upset.

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