"Lack of concern and care"

About: University Hospital (Coventry)

After spending three days in ward 23, I'm so glad to be home! A series of "painful" mistakes and a lack of "concern" by the night-shift ( what a difference from teams!). I was shocked by the lack dof sympathy, assistance and general care by the night team ( names can be provided with dates). I was lucky that the shift changed as things were getting worst for me and other patients.

Early morning after my surgery,

I buzzed to advise that I was going to be sick - I was blantely told that this was impossible as I had nothing to eat. Less than 2 minutes later, I was throwing all over myself whilst coughing in agony. I only came out of my surgery 7 hours previous and I was in extreme pain, discomfort and very drowsy.

When the breakfast came around, the smell brought the nausea, this time I was handled a pan, the curtains were closed as I started again to violently vomit all over myself, I was wet through out to my scar dressing! the nurse simply took the pan away from me and re-covered me with my own sicken-wet bedding!

I was in such an emotional estate, felt alone, uncared for and scared as the catheter "junked" whilst coughing and been sick.

It took a long time ( I was crying) until the new shift nurses came and assisted me. Nobody should be made to feel this way!!!

My co-patient made me feel better and she was in the same "shape" as me.

The cleanliness let a lot to wish for, blood on the sink from one day to another, dirty gowns left on the toilet. This was on the second night, no excuses!!

Thank you to the day shift, can't thank you a lot. Specially the student nurse who just didn't give up!

Please somebody take some action, either your nurses are too tired or simply just don't fit the job description but do something before a major incident occurs on this "messy" ward.

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