"Ward 90 parotidectocomy"

About: Hull Royal Infirmary

Had a whirlwind consultation on Thursday and was asked to be in surgery on Monday! Rang very early on Monday to check that there was a bed for me and was told to come in. Was on the ward by 7am...extremely nervous. I saw my doctor, aneasthetist and surgeon during the morning but after each time had to sit in waiting room as no bed still! By 1:15 I was told there was a bed coming up....by 1:30 I was being prepared for surgery...still no bed but reassured it would be ready by the time I was back up on the ward following theatre. Have to say the nurse and student nurse who attended me where fab and very understanding when I cried through nerves and were so reassuring. Had to go into treatment room to get ready in robes for surgery and my nurse there was also fabulous...they chatted to me on the way to theatre to take my mind of it. The nurse who was with me whilst going under was brilliant...I felt very calm.....and three nurses where by my side when I was in recovery....they were amazing also....so friendly and lovely!! Its a shame that when I reached the ward and night staff came on that I felt very degraded and alone! After not drinking for well over 12 hours due to surgery I was gulping water and lucozade once surgery was over....doing as I was told. In the 5 hours following surgery I asked to be allowed to go the toilet twice. The last time was at 11:30 when the nurse was coming round with medication...I thought I'd ask them before they refilled my (empty) drip and medication so that I wasn't bothering them through the night.. I asked very politely....they retorted that the drip wasn't like disco lights and couldn't be turned on and off due to infection...they nastily asked if I was drinking enough! I couldn't win! They then realised drip was empty, unplugged me and said 'you're done for the night' ! Was drinking fluids as told but yet they didn't want to let me go to the toilet! They didn't have patience for people needing a kamode either but yet I was wanting to go to the toilet myself! I felt I left a bit of a negative review while on the ward, tired, waiting for meds, the nurse etc but mostly the staff were absolutely fantastic and could not have asked for better care....more than care...they were so lovely they could be lifelong friends. Never nice having to go to hospital...was an emotional wreck but I found so much care and love from the staff...just a shame that one staff member has ruined it for all the others.

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