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(as the patient),

My GP referred me to the mental health trust 7 months a go. I had moved to the area but had already been discharged by my previous Trust so this was a new referral ( the GP had access to previous reports from 2 years prior to send plus I was suicidal)

After many weeks and the GP having to chase I was assessed by the Assessment Team who then decided that I needed therapy but then referred mw back to the GP to re-refer to the Trust again. At least I think that's what happened as no assessment report was ever sent to the GP or me so this was confirmed on the telephone.

The GP then referred again for therapy but they said that my needs were too high for IAPT and I needed to be referred to the Trust again through the same route for specialist therapy. The GP then did this again and got a phone call saying no assessment was needed.

In the meantime my mental health has deteriorated as I can't get the support I need. Plus the GP can't actually prescribe the medication I had been on previously as it needs to be done under the care of a Psychiatrist.

The GP states that unless someone in crisis and needing admission to hospital then there are no community services or therapy services for people like me.

I don't understand this process as far as I can see the mental health trust actually runs the IAPT service as well as the specialist therapy services under the care of a Psychiatrist. So why couldn't they refer across? That was the system in my old area. The Assessment team failed to send me or the GP a report and when I rang them they said they don't send the patient a copy! ! ! Surely that can't be right but they still haven't sent it o me so maybe that is Trust policy

Basically as a person with mental health you cant appeal or challenge a decision as they don't give reasons and I don't know what to do now. Private and voluntary sector agencies won't give me therapy as they too say my risk is too high.

So I can't even pay

Please could someone from the Trust explain what may have gone wrong here - I have looked at the website but it doesn't really answer my questions. The GP says this is normal and it is impossible to get support. Do the trust realise that other therapy agencies refuse patients /clients as being too unsafe to work with just as IAPT have so I am left with nowhere?

Do I have to attempt suicide to get the help I need? I have spent so much time in recovery and don't want to be in that awful crisis situation again where there is no hope and then I cost the NHS a lot more money.

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Response from Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Bus stop Girl.

Thank you for getting in touch with us. Your situation is concerning us, and I have highlighted this to the teams who will be responding to you shortly.

Can I please ask that you get in touch with feedback@candi.nhs.uk as a priority so that we can help you, and find out more about your situation.

We also have helplines you can call now.

If you are already cared for by our mental health services call 020 3317 6333. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are not under the care of mental health services call the C&I Crisis Hotline 020 3317 6777. This number is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please get in touch using the above information and tell them you posted this information on Patient Opinion.