"New patient to GP surgery"

About: North Yorkshire and Humber

(as the patient),

I found this surgery on line. I am elderly and cannot walk very far or stand long. I have no money to pay a taxi and have no car for transportation. My first visit to this surgery was for an essential hormone-replacing prescription.

The GP appeared to be bothered by my visit. They did not stand, introduce themselves or make me feel welcome. The GP turned round from the wall / computer and stayed sitting. The GP gave me the prescription and no information about the surgery, knowing that I was new.

The GP made a note on the script, new patient, blood test. Nothing more.

I explained my pain and immobility problems. The GP told me that masses felt on my back are my spine! Unbelievable.

I made the required appt for the blood test and arrived for the appt 5 minutes early. I told the receptionist when I first attended, and again when I arrived about my walking, standing difficulties. Both visits, I was given an appt UP THE STAIRS!

After waiting 25 mins, walked up the stairs to find a nurse in The furthest office from the stairs. I said, Again I get my appt upstairs. The nurse replied that i can always request an appt downstairs. No apology for the wait. I gave the nurse the slip that said new patient, blood test that the GP gave to me. The nurse said you give this to the receptionist. I told the nurse that I gave it to the receptionist twice (to make appt and when I arrived). Both times the same, non-smiling receptionist gave me the paper back.

The nurse said was i a new patient? I said that the paper I handed the nurse from the GP says that I am a new patient. The nurse said they had to ask me this. This unfriendly nurse is the one who is going to put a needle into my body and draw blood? ? ! ! Not a pleasant experience.

I was called for an appt after my blood test results had been reviewed. I found a different GP at the surgery and made an appt on line. The GP was FANTASTIC!

Patient, great listener, did not waste anyone's time, and agreed that the masses on my spine were muscle spasms. NOT MY SPINE! Excellent service when THE doctor explained and gave computer printouts with info I need to remember.

The doctor made an immediate referral for a nurse treatment that improved my quality of life IMMEDIATELY! Thank you so much Doctor and nurse. Very personable and professional, making an unpleasant / embarrassing treatment bearable.

Then, my next blood-letting was on the ground floor and on time. Another nurse was also very friendly and personable.

Follow-up phone services were both extremely friendly and welcoming when I phoned about prescriptions. Thanks again for excellent service.

Unfortunately, this has been followed by a phone call from someone who phoned about my need for a third lab specimen. This person was so rude and condescending, telling me to take a bath and wash myself before I gave another!

A person who does not know the name should not be allowed to phone patients. The member of staff has no idea of my condition or abilities, or to make a statement (I am certain it was within earshot of others in the surgery) that I need to take a bath!

Again, I say, it is the luck of the draw with this surgery. Clean and nice music in the background, but a receptionist who does not smile and does not provide helpful information is not good.

Constructive suggestions:

When GP and others greet you, they are polite. Stand when you come into the room, ask how you are and if you are able to take time for the conversation question when they phone you.

Apologies when a nurse has you waiting more than 15 minutes for a 2 minute appt.

Tell / show patients where to place their urine / lab test samples. I was told by the unfriendly receptionist to put the sample in the depository without telling me where it is! You cannot even notice it when you are facing the receptionist and there is no label telling patients / visitors what that metal cabinet on the wall is.

Put all leaflets and newsletters on the website.

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