"Poor After Care Wythenshawe Sleep Clinic"

About: Wythenshawe Hospital / Respiratory medicine

(as the patient),

I was admitted into Wythenshawe Hospital in March 2015 and discharged in April 2015. The reason for my admission was shortage of breath I went through a multitude of test all which were positive eventually after a sleep test I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea which they thought was the cause of my fluid retention which in turn was affecting my breathing I also caught an infection in my leg and that was treated with antibiotics

I was given a machine in March to help me breathe at night and I was informed I would be spending the night in the sleep clinic mid March to be wired up and learn how to use it ,fit the mask etc,this was cancelled on the last minute due to no suitable bed available to hold my weight I was visited at night by a nurse from the sleep clinic who gave me a brief explanation of how to set up the machine I was struggling with the mask etc. found it hard to sleep because of the disruption on the ward .I explained this to a doctor from the sleep clinic and he said he would arrange for me to spend a night in the sleep clinic the the end of March this was later cancelled again due to the bed issue and I was informed because of my age other people were being given priority

I would just like to take a moment and explain the bed issue when I was on one of the wards I fell out of bed because the rails weren’t in the up position the next day they had a special bed delivered for me which was slightly larger and more stable than the one I had fell out of.The sleep Clinic was just across the corridor from the ward I was on and they normally wheel people across in their beds but for some reason they chose not to do it with me

Since the end of March I never saw anyone from the sleep clinic although I did receive a letter for an outpatient’s appointment my consultant said he would get it cancelled as I was still in hospital you get penalised by the sleep clinic if you miss an appointment and I suspect this is being held against me

I was discharged in April with still a few problems which was being attended too by the district nurse I finally received an appointment at the sleep clinic a few weeks later where I was told to collect equipment and do a self-test overnight when I went to collect the equipment I explained to the person I saw I think she was a technician that I was struggling using the machine and mask that I was constantly waking up with a dry mouth and the mask keeps coming off she said I needed a humidifier to attach to the machine and that she would arrange for an appointment for me to go in with the machine and the mask and they would sort it that was over 2 months ago and I have heard nothing from them my GP wrote to them 6 weeks ago as a matter of urgency and she has heard nothing. The whole department from the reception upwards seem totally disorganised and have a couldn’t careless attitude and can be rude at times

The symptoms I was admitted with have now returned and I am back to square one unable to move or walk due to my breathlessness I am also back on antibiotics for the infection in my legs

I am sorry to have been so long winded but wouldn’t you have thought given the fact that they identified my sleep apnoea as being the cause of my breathlessness that they would have given more priority to the treatment of this condition

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