About: St Mary's Hospital (London)

I am commenting on a review in 2013 whereupon the patient said that your consultant made her feel like an ant! I can't believe that someone else has written this. I know exactly who she is referring to as I had exactly the same condescending treatment from this person who did nothing for me whatsoever in Dec 2014 and Feb 2015. I ended up being rushed in an ambulance to A and E at St Thomas's hospital because my two appointments were not taken seriously and the Mirena coil which was causing me all the problems came out on its own. It was the most horrendous traumatic thing I have ever been through and was told it was like a miscarriage. Whilst talking to this consultant, they do not even look at you, but is very happy to discuss their family and look you straight in the eye if you refer the conversation back to them. The way they talk about the administration staff is condescending as well. No wonder the team is under pressure and not very friendly when you arrive. There are some serious issues going on with that department and I was unfortunate to be holed up in the middle of it. The consultant's main thing I have been told is about people losing weight but since I have been told it could be attributed to hormones so not only is this not helping, the consultant is also giving you something extra to be down about. Their technique (if it is a technique) is to look away as soon as you start talking. This is a bullying technique and it is disgusting behaviour to treat people in this way. I will be making a complaint in due course but have to get myself better first as this gets me very upset as you can imagine. For my first ever in patient experience, I have a very tainted very of this department.

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