"GP surgery"

About: Thames Valley

(as the patient),

I do not have any good story to tell about my surgery. We have a practice nurse in my surgery invisible to all patients. They told me she is very busy. I do not understand why she is very busy if she is not have any contact with any of the patients. I live with five long term conditions and they do not feel that I should get an appointment on time. I live with Stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, Underactive thyroid. I have not had a blood test for my thyroid function, kidney function since 2013. I had my HbA1c done for diabetes when I had hypoglycaemic attacks around 9 months ago. They feel that is enough to do my annual review. I take Metformin which can cause kidney damage. If they do not do the blood test how will they know is there any problem. Same way I take thyroxin and no blood test done since 2013. How do they know my levels are high if they do not do.

I am asthmatic which is not diagnosed. I am frustrated. They do not think I come under any long term conditions as I manage myself and does not go and see GP every week or misuse the system. I told many times in CCG meetings identify the people living with long term condition so that they can get the priority appointments. They are doing that in few surgeries. They cannot fool me by telling everything is fine as I know my condition better than anyone else. When complained about this they have taken it very defensively and telling me off. Why do not take it objectively and improve the care delivered to the patients. There is a tablet fixed on the wall for feedback which never works. I tried three four times and informed them. Their answer is it is working and they got lot of feedback. I do not believe it. I feel CQC should go and visit this surgery without informing them to identify the correct picture. I am moving my doctor to different surgery and I know another friend of mine is already moved from this surgery. When I was talking to one of the other GP in a CCG meeting he told me this is the worst surgery in this area.. Till last month I was praising the doctors in the GP surgery as they were good. But not any more. When I put the bad remark the doctor was angry after listening to the practice Manger and took it very defensively. He has no right to speak to me that way. If he is done all the job for me I would appreciate it. But not any more. I need to go and tell the pharmacy that a lot of medicines I do not use and I return to them as my house was filled with tablets of repeat prescription. Again wastage of the money. If I had the appointment to sort things out these things could avoid.

I am frustrated and it is making me depressed which I do not wish to be.

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