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(as the patient),

I find the writing of this hard to write but I do so because of my concern and care for the bigger good.

I found the nurses that look after me to be of good standard if not over worked and maybe more staff in the unit would improve standard in the unit. I would also say the moving of staff after a set time into a standard ward would be a good standard to adopt so as they don't feel like there just looking after a number.

In my time in the unit before being moved to ward 53 I was on a number of times left with bottles of urine standing next to my bed for a number of hours even so staff seen them sitting there. also on one night I woke to find that one of my cannulas had came out my arm so I called for a nurse, nurse came and said oh right let me take that away which was ok but even so she seen my arm still had the dressing on which was full of blood never came back to clean it, I was left to clean it my self.

In all the nurses were good at looking after my care but the action of a health care worker. On the first afternoon after being admitted I was feeling hot and asked my partner to see about getting a fan to cool me down, my partner then asked the young student nurse who went away and came back to say that he would have to wait until Charleen came back from her break to see to me getting a fan as she couldn't locate one at which time the patient across from me had said to the student nurse that she could take the fan he had, so it was brought across and plugged in, when a health care worker came across with attitude and started to have a go at my partner about how I shouldn't have the fan as the nurses had to check my temperature to make sure I wasn't too cold even though I felt too hot, and went on about nurses having to do checks and the fan shouldn't be switched on, my partner did try to explain that she had only asked for a fan and hadn't actually switched the fan on it was in fact the student nurse who had switched the fan on and placed it next to the bed, after which I got my partner to switch the fan off, and wait until Charleen returned to switch it back on. My partner did have a chat with the nurse about the health care worker attitude to her and did give her apologies.

Please is not have a go at the nurses who work very hard but there have been let down by the health care workers attitude and most of all the hospital.

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Response from Louise Ewing, Patient Relations Manager, NHS Fife

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Dear The Ballroom

Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your recent experience in Admissions Unit 2. Not a pleasant read and certainly not a pleasnat experience for you, which I am sorry about. I will share your feedback with the Senior Charge Nurse in the Admsisions Unit, who, I know will be keen to speak to you. If you would be willing to discuss this further please contact the Patient Relations Department and let us know you posted on Patient Opinion. We can then follow this up and make arrangements for the Senior Charge Nurse to call you.


Louise Ewing

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