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"High BP"

About: NHS South East Coast

(as the patient),

Went to see a Dr at Grange Practice, Ramsgate in 2008 with high BP. He was convinced that my high BP was caused by my ex partner having a stroke but did agree to a 24 hour BP monitor which he said was normal. Went back in 2014 with BP of 185/115. Dr exasperated to see me again but did agree to blood tests which came back normal. He pointedly and patronisingly told me that 'I would not have a stroke. ' Asked to see another dr, BP was 207/120, sent me to A and E. I was found to have damage to eyesight damage and damage to heart wall due to years of high BP! ! Not every woman is an hysterical suffering from psycho-somatic illnesses. On another occasion I went to the doctor with a cough I had had for 3 months to be callously told 'Some people get on with their lives. ' I again sought another opinion within the practice who diagnosed I had a serious chest infection.

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