"Awful **Continued Part 3**"

About: The Royal London Hospital

I was left waiting for surgery for two days. Each time I asked why I was waiting so long I was told that I was in the que but each time a patient arrived via helicopter they were put ahead of me. Excuse me but if the hospital has a helipad surely they should make appropriate arrangements so that they have the staff & surgeon capacity to handle both these patients and the patients that access the hospital via different routes. I was made to feel as though it would happen whenever they had time rather than as a matter of urgency&I was terrified of the prospect of my appendix bursting whilst waiting for the surgery. By this point I had gone around 4 days with no food or water and in the middle of the night a nurse came to me to inform me that I would not be having surgery in the next 24 hours and therefore I could have something to eat and drink. I was then told that all they had to offer me was bread & water. After four days with not food or drink I was offered bread & water. I was disgusted - I didn't expect a three course meal but at least a sandwich and some juice. The nurse was not understanding of my situation at all and I began to cry and question why after 4 days I was still not within 24 hours of surgery and given no valid explanation as to why. I requested to be transferred to a different hospital at which point the nurse walked away with no reply. I was brought some bread and a lucozade a friend had left earlier on in the day which took me a while to eat - it was no around 7am. A different nurse came to tell me I would be going into surgery in the next hour. I was immediately worried as I had eaten only ten minutes before this and when I told the nurse this she was very rude to me and told me I should not have eaten or drank anything and when informed that a nurse had told me to, that nurse was nowhere to be seen. Despite this, I was prepared for surgery. I had previously asked if my Mum was able to come in when I was about to go into surgery and when I was waking from it as I was terrified and was told by three different nurses that this was absolutely okay. As I was waiting to be taken to theatre I asked a nurse (the same one who had told me off) to call my mum. She said she would do so. My mum was not there when I was taken down but I was sure she would be there when I woke up. She was not. She did not arrive until around 2pm which I was very upset about and she informed me that the nurse that called her had told her she was not allowed to come outside of visiting hours. I knew this to be absolutely untrue as the lady in the bed across from me had her parents with her when she went to surgery on the day before and her parents were there when she awoke too. The rest of my stay was rather uneventful though still intolerable and when I was discharged it took hours of waiting for a discharge summary as my dr had not done it already. It was all a shambles. I'm disgusted by my treatment here and will never be going to this hospital again.

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