"Sexual Health Consultation"

About: King's College Hospital (Denmark Hill)

I'm writing to share my experience with others who may choose to use this service. Due to the nature of the problem will not go into the details - but I have experienced a disjointed, inconsistent pathway delivered by staff - some of which were friendlier than others. 1 Information conflict The A&E team were excellent, compassionate, friendly in what must be one of the most demanding areas of the hospital to work in. I was seen quickly, given medication and advised to report to another services this week. The next day, I called the other service and requested to speak to a health advisor, who then said that I had been told the wrong information and that I needed to go to another walk in service, which I did. I arrived there that evening and said that a health advisor told me to attend , to which the receptionist told me that there are no longer health advisors in post and that I must have spoken to a receptionist. I assumed the person who answered the phone would be a health advisor as the person who answered did not say otherwise. I then waited, went back to the receptionist to double check that I am in the right place, she assured me that I was. After an hour of waiting , she then realised that I should have been fastracked and made sure I was seen next. The doctor I then saw told me that I should have gone to the other services, during working hours. 2. Care and Compassion Whilst the service I received in A&E was second to none (admin, nursing and medical), the clinician at the clinic was not. He called my name, did not say hello, sat down without telling me to take a seat and then proceeded to ask me questions. He didn't seem interested in the answers and in some cases moved on to the next question before I had finished responding. He offered no apology with regards to the mis information I had been given. I left thinking, I don't want to come here again. My next visit involved visiting the pharmacy to collect medication and the service was excellent. The pharmacist was the first person to actually ask me how I was feeling. When I asked her questions and she was very knowledgeable. Whilst I realise that staff are under increasing pressure 'to do more for less' which must be demanding for them - there are no excuses for not being able to provide consistent information in a caring and compassionate environment.

Story from NHS Choices

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