"concerned by attitude of one nurse in a&e"

About: University Hospital Of North Durham / Accident and emergency

(as a relative),

my wife took my son to a+e after a fall. he had hit his front tooth and knocked it out of position. on arrival staff were really friendly, he was told would only have a hour wait with it being a head injury. after a 75 minute wait, another young patient came in with parent or guardian and they sat down, after being given the same information. 15 minutes after this, information was given the parent or guardian went to the nurses station to ask if she could be seen quicker, a few minutes later a nurse arrived and asked them to follow her. my wife asked this nurse how much longer the wait may be and if she could give our child something to eat. the nurse told her not to feed him and they could be waiting another 1 1/2 hours. bearing in mind it was now 3pm and they had been there since before 12, so my 18 month old son had had nothing to eat since breakfast. The nurse told my wife to occupy my son with the toys provided, after all she said that's why they are here (my wife felt that this was de-grading and patronising, as other families were listening and she certainly does not need parenting lessons). my wife went on to tell the nurse that she could have occupied our son with the toys, if they were not splattered with blood. the nurse then said "show me" when my wife pointed the blood out to the nurse. the nurse put them into a pile and remarked that the toys were washed every day so it wasn't old blood, and that they were extremely busy so could not keep checking on the toys. my wife then said she appreciated this and this was why they needed patients to inform them. the nurse put her hand up in front and she "don’t let him play with them then!". my wife had to take time out, as she was very upset and embarrassed as people were staring. while she was taken a breath of air, the nurse took a large pot of wipes to her but as she couldn’t find her she give them to my mother in law and said "tell her to clean them if she wants to". after a few minutes later my wife was called into a cubicle and my son was seen by a lovely and professional doctor.

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