"Poor maternity care in Bath - hope its better now. "

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(as the patient),

giving birth to my daughter ten years ago i first was told i was not in labour, but 4 hours later was told i was already 4cm dilated but had been given no pain relief at all. Most of my labour i was left alone with just my partner, my anesthesia was allowed to wear off seven times and hours were left in between before it was topped up, due to them being to busy. I lost quite a bit off blood during my labour and was left completely alone to look after my daughter afterwards, even though i was so weak i could'nt even raise my arm to use the phone or reach for the call button. My partner was made to go home even though i couldn't move to take care of my daughter. During the next 24 hours i was not fed once as my curtains were shut and i was unable to get out of bed or even call out being so weak to ask for food or water.

I also wanted to give my baby a bath, as her hair was coated in blood, which afterwards took weeks to get out due to it being so dried on, but was told i would have to figure it out for myself as there was no-one to help me" a first time mum" I am now 8 months pregnant with my second child and am having to have this child at the same hospital ward, which i am very very concerned about. I felt Bath Maternity ward was terrible then - 2 midwives to 30 mums and baby's. I just hope that it isn't the same now.

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