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"I didnt feel listened to"

About: Lincoln County Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

My Doctor asked me to attend A&E.

On registering people in flowery scrubs were having a non too friendly word with the receptionist. The receptionist asked if they could finish booking me in first. Everyone seemed very stressed and everyone apart from receptionist seemed short tempered.

There were a few people in and out but didn't see any cleaning at all. 

When I was called to discuss why I was there that person was as you would expect. However when I came to leave the cubicle I struggled to stand. The staff member opened the curtain whilst I was still trying to stand and get moving and the man in the opposite cubicle sat staring at me. 

I felt extremely embarrassed.

I was called by a doctor to a room for examination. The doctor told me to sit on the chair as there were no trollies.

Again in my opinion the staff member seemed extremely short tempered. I wasn't given the opportunity to explain properly why I was there. I didnt feel listened to and they wrote down different to what I was saying. I couldn't be bothered to correct them as I was struggling with their accent and I felt they were annoyed if I asked for them to repeat what they were saying.

The doctor them listened with a stethoscope telling me in a very sharp manner to breath in and out.

I thought they were still telling me when to breath in but they suddenly shouted STOP BREATHING! I apologised and did as asked when I understood.

I was there because of my back. I was then asked to turn around on the chair whilst I was poked in my back as there wasn't any trolleys due to all the covids. They informed me there is never enough beds in this hospital.

The examination of my back was extremely painful.

I was then informed they needed to do a bladder scan and I heard the doctor ask someone sharply for a trolley.

Then the same doctor came struggling in with a trolley. At this point I felt some empathy for this member of staff as they were clearly struggling alone and struggled to put a sheet on it.

I was given a gown and abruptly told me to put it on and what to take off and get on the trolley. It was a struggle as it was too high and caused some pain struggling on it.

The doctor went off and came back with a nurse. I heard the doctor complaining to the nurse that he was having to perform a procedure that another department should be doing. The nurse apologised & was very nice.

At this point I was trying hard not to show how upset and degraded I felt. If I wasn't about to flash to people walking past I would have got off the trolley and gone home. I was extremely distressed but held it all in.

The doctor then said I had to wait on the trolley as I needed a bladder scan. The doctor and nurse left the room leaving me half naked on the trolley facing the door with the door wide open. I did have a sheet over my bottom half but I felt extremely exposed to everyone walking past staring in. I wanted to go home but couldn't get off the trolley and keep a bit of dignity with everyone looking in.

The doctor came back and asked if I had a scan. I said no and they stomped off and came back with a scanner. It appeared the doctor didnt  know very well how to set it up and was complaining to themselves. It was extremely painful when this scan was performed on my lower stomach. I have never had a scan like it before.

The door was occasionally closed when a procedure was being done but mainly open.

I had to go to the toilet and go back for another scan.

I got dressed to go as the toilet is in the waiting room.

The doctor came back a while later and used the scanner in various places which was painful. My bladder must move a lot! It was extremely painful.

The doctor then told me I could go and to take cannabis oil.

I wasn't listened to and the problem isn't solved.

My physio contacted my GP that morning and my GP called me to go to A&E and explained why and what would need to be done. It wasn't done!!

To be fair when the doctor was stood next to me they looked absolutely exhausted and at breaking point. They did mentioned the Covid situation a few times. 

It felt like the department was on its knees that day but something needs to be done. That doctor needs a break. If they are so exhausted they treat patients so badly they need a rest.

I wish I had never gone.

There wasn't any paper towels in the cubicle. There wasn't the size gloves they needed and I felt afraid of catching something as cleanliness not good.

I have been an outpatient at Louth and the cleanliness is spot on. I feel confident going to Louth but Lincoln was poor.

I am still extremely upset about my experience. Something needs doing quickly as those doctors and nurses cannot carry on as they are. I feel sorry for them but it's not my fault!! I shouldn't be shouted at, treated dreadfully and not have the treatment I was expecting and left worse than when I went in.

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