"My attempt to say thank you to the NHS."

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(as a service user),

I had a stroke last year and was very well treated by the NHS. I have Atrial Fibrillation and an enlarged Aorta. I have no great artistic or athletic skill and have never been a great fan of regular exercise. Nevertheless I felt the need to show my thanks to the great people who looked after me, and my wife when she needed surgery. I don’t like running but I can walk. The path in my back garden is a 100 feet long. I started walking back and forward along that path on 27th April and intend to keep going until I have walked the distance from my house in Nottinghamshire to London, then on to Edinburgh. then Cardiff, then Belfast. After that, the sky is the limit. Walking all the way to the moon is rather an ambitious target and because it is so very far away, probably not terribly realistic. However how far could you get with patience and determination? I intend doing five miles every day, health and weather permitting, and despite a toe injury and some awful weather, have already completed 250 miles and raised several hundred pounds. Even after lockdown is over, if it ever will be, I intend to keep going.

 On day 3 I walked the equivalent height of Mount Everest, 5.5 miles. On day 16 I reached the boundary of space, as recognised by NASA, 62 miles. On day 28 I reached Charing Cross in London, 126.9 miles from my house in Nottinghamshire. On day 33 I had walked the equivalent of  across the English Channel, 149.13 miles. On day 53 I was back nearly where I had started, Grantham, 111.8 miles from London. I am now heading north to Edinburgh. I have also started a fundraising web page.