"Fractured femur or not???"

About: Diana, Princess Of Wales Hospital / Accident and emergency

(as the patient),

I was helping an lady in the street who was unwell when she collapsed and caused me to fall heavily on my left side. Neighbours had seen the fall and came to help. I was in a lot of pain and unable to walk. Neighbour took the poor lady home and another neighbour assisted me into their car and took me home. It was decided to call an ambulance as I was in a lot of pain and still unable to walk, An ambulance came and thought i may have fractured my femur and decided to take me to A & E at the local hospital.

I was seen by a Doctor and my left hip and leg were x rayed. I was placed in  cubicle without an alarm, and laid for several hours no one came in to see me, and I had to shout  loudly when i needed help.  Was again seen by the consultant  who said there was no fracture and a 3am i was allowed home. this was on a Friday. I was told to visit the hospital monday when i would be provided with a walking frame, and my son took me on the monday morning to collect the frame.

On the Monday afternoon I received a phone call o say that they had reviewed the X-ray and decided I had fractured my femur after all and would need an ambulance to return to A & E. The ambulance arrived and i was readmitted but not until the exact time of my previous visit when i was put in the same  bay and left for the same time, but at 3am instead of sending me home they admitted me to a ward. 2 days later I had an operation for a fractured femur and had screws put in my left leg. The femur is the longest and strongest bone in the body, and I'm sure the fracture would have been clear to see on the x ray. The consequences of sending me home with a fractured femur could have had serious consequences. I asked to see the X-rays but was denied. I was 75 years of age.

It appeared to me, that there was some deception , and that the first  admission and discharge was covered up by the 2nd admission as the time was exactly to the same time on the second admission, and my admittance onto a ward, was at the same time 3am that i had been discharged on the first occasion. It seemed to me to have been a serious cover up, which had placed me at a serious risk.