"NHS 111 Call handler"

About: Vocare

(as the patient),

I phoned up NHS one Saturday night / Sunday morning and spoke to a kind caring person. I had a fever of over 40c, my heart was racing and I was seriously ill. 

I had previously had a 24 hour ECG for heart problems the week prior this happened. 

During the call I happened to mention that my son had strep throat. I didn't have a sore throat as such at the time. I had a tiny niggle - not enough to concern me. 

The call handler asked me specifically "are you more concerned about your sore throat or your fever & chest pains". I said "fever & chest pains" 

I was told I'd get a call from a Dr within 2 hours. 

5 hours later a GP phones me asking about my sore throat!! 

If this had turned into Sepsis - that NHS 111 call handler would have been the reason why. 

You need to train them. Make sure they use common sense!! Luckily (no idea how) I was given antibiotics for rheumatic fever.... 

Absolutely appalling care. I am truly ashamed of NHS 111. This experience had made me realise that perhaps  we would get better care if it was privatised after all.... 

I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves