"Bad practice, "

I had 2 bad experience in this hospital. One in January 2019 and one in September 2019. My first one they consider is not an emergency, but I couldn't work anymore. My last one was from a bad flu transform in cronic sinus infection in just few weeks. I been to doctors and they give 3 weeks the same antibiotics,nothing else... They didn t check anything, my mouth or my nose. My visit to the doctors was not longer than 2 min one, and they say,, "go take you antibiotics you will be fine"

I solve my problems into a private clinic.

NHS is in a big hole,with doctors like this!

Story from nhs.uk


Response from Communications and Marketing Manager, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Hello - sorry to hear about your bad experience.

We would really like to explore this further with you and look at where things haven't been as they should be.

Please could we ask you to contact our Patient Experience Team who will be happy to work with you: https://www.hdft.nhs.uk/patients/patient-experience/

Many thanks.