About: St Helier Hospital

What could be improved

before i was even a patient at st helier, i was wrongly prescribed medication which could have caused me to overdose, i came back and somebody else gave me different medication. the problem i had left me in a lot of pain which stopped me from sitting comfortably, your staff in a&e was very rude to me and my father and told us if we dont want to wait until 1 in the morning i will have to come back tomorrow, and other members off staff kept coming in the room and taking over conversation .everything could have been improved, i am disgusted with the way ive been treated at your hospital for the last month.I am a 17 year old girl and I was left in the mens department after my operation, then i was moved early hours in the morning when they realised their mistake. the staff was very rude and abrupt in the ward i was in for 4 days (which was M2 the womens department).

after i was discharged from your hospital, i was told my the nurse to come back every day to have my dressing changed, and to call every morning to see which time would be good for them. when me or my mother called every day your staff was very abrupt and short with us on the phone, and every day when i arrive at the time they tell me to they still leave me sitting in a room for an hour, sometimes longer. they have tried to leave me there for as long as 2 hours to pass me over to night staff. i think your staff are very lazy and rude, i would never want to be treated in this hospital ever again.

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